In today’s world, having a digital skill is crucial in whatever career you pick. Explore this intriguing new universe with us.

Learn Future Ready Digital Skills

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Our courses are designed to help you build your foundational skills and take the initial steps toward becoming a digital expert and you develop a successful career in any area of your choice!

Digital Marketing Training in Ibadan - KDALinks Technologies

Digital Marketing

Duration: 12 Weeks

Our digital marketing training equips individuals and businesses with cutting-edge skills needed for success in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Our expert instructors bring years of experience and our practical curriculum can be tailored to your learning style and pace. Join us and reach your digital marketing goals!

UI/UX Design Training in Ibadan - KDALinks Technologies

UI/UX Design

Duration: 8 Weeks

Our UI/UX design courses are taught by industry professionals, providing hands-on experience and the latest tools and techniques to prepare students for a successful career. Join us for a transformative learning experience and start your new career in UI and UX design.

Web Design Training in Ibadan - KDALinks Technologies.

Web Design

Duration: 6 Weeks

Join our program to learn responsive web design. Experienced instructors will teach you design principles, programming languages, industry-standard tools, creating interactive features, and optimizing for search engines. Perfect for enhancing your digital skills or starting web design career. Register now to gain valuable practical knowledge.

Data Analytics Training in Ibadan - KDALinks Technologies.

Data Analytics

Duration: 12 Weeks

This course offers cutting-edge data analysis models and tools for students, managers, analysts, and executives. Learn data visualization, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, and more. With industry experts leading each module and hands-on exercises, you’ll gain practical skills for your career. Transform your career with data analytics!

Front-End Development Training in Ibadan - KDALinks Technologies.

Front-End Development

Duration: 12 Weeks

Enroll in our front end development training to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Our experienced trainers will teach you web design, usability, and optimization for different devices and browsers. Whether you’re starting out or experienced, our comprehensive training will give you the tools for a career in web development.

Back-End Development Training in Ibadan - KDALinks Technologies.

Back-End Development

Duration: 16 Weeks
Learn back-end web development and build scalable, secure, and efficient web apps. Covers web servers, client-server architecture, databases, web frameworks like Django/Flask/Express, and API implementation. Also covers Git, Linux, Python, & more. Perfect for those pursuing a web development career or looking to enhance existing skills.
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Full Stack Web Development

Duration: 6 Months

Our full-stack web dev training covers front-end and back-end dev using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and Express.js. Learn to create dynamic web UIs, server-side apps, and deploy databases. Ideal for aspiring web and full-stack devs. Gain a strong foundation in all essential components of full-stack web dev.

ICT Fundamentals Training in Ibadan - KDALinks Technologies

ICT Fundamentals

Duration: 6 Weeks

Our Office Suite training covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to create, format and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and emails with efficiency. You will learn skills like formatting, table creation, formulas, presentation design, inbox management, and scheduling. Receive a proficiency certificate and boost your career growth as our training caters to all experience levels to leverage the full potential of Office Suite and enhance productivity.

Creative Design Training in Ibadan - KDALinks Technologies.

Creative Designs

Duration: 8 Weeks

Learn to create visual media with Adobe and CorelDraw. Develop skills in color theory, typography, layout, production techniques, and design principles. Choose appropriate images, fonts, and colors for effective communication. Gain professional-level skills for web, app, social media, and print media design. Perfect for careers in advertising, publishing, and marketing.