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Cybersecurity Course

This cybersecurity course teaches vital skills to secure organizational networks. It covers key concepts, tools, and techniques in preventing cyber-attacks, protecting sensitive information, and mitigating emerging threats. The course includes network security, threat analysis, cryptography, incident response, and ethical hacking. At the end of the course, you will be able to implement effective cybersecurity measures, secure networks, applications, and data. It is perfect for IT professionals, network administrators, security analysts, and anyone interested in cybersecurity careers.


4 Months

Start Date

November 6, 2023




Basic Computing





Learning Mode

Physical and Online Classes

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Course Modules

Module 1 : Introduction to CyberSecurity.

Module 2 : Information Security Threat Intelligence.

Module 3 : Security Auditing - Information Gathering.

Module 4 : Network Security Technical Control.

Module 5 : Social Engineering.

Module 6 : Web Server and Application Security.

Module 7 : Cryptography.

Module 8 : Data Security and Protection.

Module 9 : Network Troubleshooting.

Module 10 : Log Monitoring and Analysis.

Module 11 : Upwork and LinkedIn Portfolio Development.

Module 12 : Internship and Job Finding.

Why Choose Us

We are not the best but we do put in our best to give you the best learning experience.
Dedicated Instructors

Whether you are looking to improve your tech skills or acquire knowledge in tech, our instructors are skilled in creating interactive and dynamic learning experiences, which make the classes more enjoyable, effective and you can be assured of a meaningful and successful learning journey.

Conducive Learning Environment
Creating a conducive learning environment is crucial for successful learning outcomes. We have a well-lit and well-ventilated room with air condition to enhance your learning.
Job Opportunities

Through practical, project-based, cutting-edge, and high-quality Tech programs, we are committed to provide each of our students tailored instruction that will prepare them for fulfilling employment in the fast expanding technology industries.


We offer a certificate to acknowledge your achievement which signifies that you have successfully completed the program and met all the requirements necessary which can be an impressive addition to your resume or portfolio, help you stand out and advance in your career.

Hands-On Project Base Learning

Our guiding principle embrace a hands-on strategy because You gain insight faster as you practice it yourself.

You may be confident that the training you receive will be 100% hands-on and practical. This is what we strive towards.

Physical and Virtual Classes

We offer both physical and virtual classes to meet the needs of our students. Both classes provides students with the opportunity to interact with their peers and teachers, participate in group activities, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback on their work.

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KDALinks Technologies has been an incredible journey of growth and empowerment for me. From the welcoming atmosphere to the comprehensive and practical training programs, I've gained invaluable digital skills, knowledge, and ideas. KDALinks' emphasis on creativity and innovation has inspired me to dream big and envision a world of endless possibilities. I wholeheartedly recommend KDALinks to anyone seeking to unlock their digital potential and embark on a transformative learning adventure. Thank you, KDALinks Technologies, for this unforgettable and life-changing experience.
Victor Aderibigbe

Front-End Web Developer

Attending KDALINKS data analysts class was an enriching experience. The instructor's expertise and engaging teaching style made us follow through the course with unwaning interest and the instructor's knowledge and passion for the subject were evident throughout the course. The curriculum was well-structured, covering essential topics with relevant examples. The interactive learning environment made the sessions enjoyable and conducive to learning. Overall, this class has equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the field of data analysis. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to kickstart or enhance their career in this domain.
Lawal Kehinde

Data Analyst

KDALinks Technologies is an exceptional company that provides ICT training in a nurturing environment where innovation, collaboration, and hands-on experience thrive. The company's commitment to excellence, client-centric approach, and emphasis on diversity and inclusivity make it a standout in the technology industry. Working alongside dedicated professionals, I had the privilege of contributing to real-world projects, gaining invaluable skills and knowledge. KDA Links' culture of constant innovation and research fosters a sense of excitement and inspiration, ensuring the company stays at the forefront of technological advancements. My time as an ICT trainee at KDA Links Technologies has been transformative, preparing me for a successful and fulfilling career in the field.
Olugbile Ayomide Oluwatimileyin

Front-End Web Developer