UI/UX design

About Our UI/UX Course

Our UI/UX design course includes graphic design concepts and techniques in additional with UI/UX design. The training focused on bringing creative ideas and inspiration into useable solutions that create a significant difference. 

This design-focused study addresses the broad concept of what an interface is and the responsibilities of a designer in developing a user interface. Understanding how to use color, font, and imagery to design and communicate meaning is critical for making interfaces function simply and flawlessly.

You will focus on the many distinct parts and components that comprise an interface designer’s skill set through a series of lectures and graphical activities.

You will be fluent in the language and process of UX design by the end of this course. You will discover what it entails and how it relates to other disciplines.

We’ll go over:

  1. design research methodologies
  2. approaches for user-centered design
  3. conducting in-person interviews with users.
  4. Creating personas to define the user deliverables that a UX designer is required to create.

This learning path focuses on concepts, approaches, and best practices rather than specific tools.

4 Weeks


We offer various learning styles; simply select the one that works best for you.

– Physical Class

Three days in a week -Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Weekend Classes – Every Saturday.

– Online Class